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suicide, sexual abuse, molested, molestation, survivor, victim, change, motivation
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Max, 19

So where do I start  my story's are long but  I will make them short , well my name is max I'm 19 & this is my story .
well I could start when I was about 7 or 8 when I was made to have sexual acts with a man and I'm sure as hell lost my virginity to  and how I'm to scared till this day to even tell my family so I hide that one thing from them knowing its wrong but it was so long ago and i didn't need my mom or dad worrying or judging me because of it. I trust the man that took my Pureness from me but I don't hate him because it its another reason why i am like i am today , the next stage in my life was when i started to cut my self i was 11 didn't stop in till i was 13 maybe 15 around there ,   i  started to cut my self to stop the pain i was having , with my family , confused in life and what i was .around this time  i was in a relationship with a woman that i loved so much but she was a lot  but i never gave up i was young and people didn't understand me i was what u called ''black sheep of the family '' and few months after being with her for a year and half ,  i lost her  my first love to suicide . Yes she did shit that was wrong to me  she had her days of verbal abuse mental abuse  but she also love and all i wanted was that  i was young and didn't want to believe the shit she put me though  then  i was in the denial  and she was depressed and when you're my age you're learning and trying to understand this so called world . and u when u just lost  your first love and u where the last person to speak to her and hear her voice last that would kick u down very far in life and that's just one reason i started to cut my self but i never omitted to it when i was ask i just said my dog did it or I don't know what happened , another reason i cut my self is because i was bulled at school i was very insecure about my weight and how i was  but ever day i faked it acting like it was ok  but deep down it wasn't and never was in till i hit about 14 to 15  i realized it was ok to be gay it was ok to be different  and no matter what hell i been though or what i had to fight to keep going i honestly think i now have only 3 reason on why i'm here to day  . & that is my fiancé for loving me and showing me that my life will get better all i need was hope , next reason is my family for excepting me for never giving.up  even though we have had a hard life they still turned around to say they love me and they proud and the last reason is to help people give them a reasons to keep going show then they are not alone . I have many more story and much more to say but what i told u are key points in to why i am and who i am today and no one will take that from me and haven't since i was 16 , this is my life and i am not a victim and i believe i went though the shit i did to tell my story to let people know u can survive  u just have to try and keep fight never giving up and keep pushing ahead because we all have a reason to keep going and keep fight what's yours ?
sincerely, MAX

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Anonymous on Saturday, May 18, 2019 5:51 AM
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assignments help on Thursday, May 23, 2019 4:23 PM
You are indeed an inspiring individual, Max. I am so sorry that you have to experience all of this throughout your whole life. You didn't deserve to experience any of those bad things at all. Please know that your life is precious and you are loved. I know that you might be experiencing a lot of pain right now, but please do not forget that you will make it and you will surpass all of the trials. Anyway, I adore your brave act of sharing this to us and even encourage to never give up. Thank you for giving me those words.
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