"Let's raise children that will not have to recover from their childhood." -Unknown

Our Vision 

  • We want to  implement/create a  class that can be used in all school systems that will educate our future generation to have self love, how to stop abuse , and how to feel safe to speak to a trusted friend or family member,  also the difference of knowing what is ok & the  "No touch zones".  we want to create age appropriate programs that will could  be used based in our children's school, based on their grade & ages.
  • We plan on establishing a Safe House . This Safe house is here for survivors of abuse or neglect . We want to provide a  temporary home in  which we will include but not limited to the  rehabilitation program and a job placement assistance.
  • Monthly mentoring classes for our youth and adults.
  • Women's/men's quarterly empowerment seminars
  • Conduct social experiments to bring awareness and impact lives.
  • Provide the community services.
  • Decrease suicide, abuse, neglect.
  • Connect with other organizations to provide our services and assistance.

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