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Marial Alvarez "Mayimba"
One Vision, One Dream

With a simple Youtube video I had an impact not only amongst the LGBT community, but also amongst teens and adults that came forward with their survivor stories. The day that I decided to speak up and tell the world how I really felt, and  how my tragedy caused me to be the survivor that I am today was one of the days I felt most alive. I didn't care  about other peoples opinion of me nor did it matter who I might of lost along the way as a result of me coming foward with my truth. I decided that hiding secrets, hiding my sexuality, was death, and being a prisoner in her own home, was not the way I wanted continue to live. My life has changed so much since March 27th 2012.  After my video was posted, I started receiving hundreds of emails of people reaching out to me thanking me for the courage to say to speak up on the  issues they were too afraid of speak up about. It then became a realization that I wanted to change lives . I felt a light bulb go on in my mind that this was my purpose, I survivied for a reason. I survived not only for my self, but for others! I have a gift to save lives, just by coming forward into the light. I could change a persons outlook on life a little at a time, person at a time. This was the beginning of the Mayimba Project.

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