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Hey. Mayimba. I'm Mya I'm very supportive to your project. & i would love to be apart of it. my story is very awful.but here it is
So i was about the age of 5 or6 When My mom's husband son from a previous marriage was staying with my mom and i & my lil sister... So one day i was in my room being a lil kid playing with barbies etc. & he kept asking me could he have sex with me. & i kept saying no cause it wasn't right and he got very upset. so mind you he raped me like 6 times. but the time my mom came in my room she saw me in the corner crying and pulling up my clothes.& she yelled & started asking what happened & etc. So she went & told her husband and he beat his son so bad he had to go to the hospital. then he beat so bad DSS had to come to my home because when i went to school i couldn't sit down because he beat me so bad to where my back was bleeding i had bruises all over my body.Then he said to me if he goes to jail he will beat me worst then he already did.. so after i turned 6 my mom's husband and his brothers at night time got a rope and tied it around my neck and had me at the back of the truck dragging me down the highway late at night, because he said he will let his son do whatever he pleased because he didn't care about me. SO they day after this happened.i was asleep on the couch in my living room and his son got on top of me & stuck his penis in me & i woke up immediately because it hurt & made me sick & he wouldn't get off of me & he was laughing and saying what his dad had said to me the night before.. But the story never got out until a few years ago when he denied doing it. But long story short. I grew up not knowing My REAL MOTHER & FATHER.But i have grown so much from this.You have helped me realize that it wasn't my fault. & i thank you for that.I am a better woman because of you. P.S. I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL & YOU & YOUR WIFE ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO ME... LOVE A'ZALEA.(THE NAME I WAS BORN WITH .I'M DOMINICAN LIKE YOU)..BECAUSE OF YOU I CAN SMILE.& WALK WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH WITH PRIDE.

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