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Her Daughter <3
I dnt even knw where to start... Sigh** okay..im doing this.for.myself.obviously but bcuse.i see soooo many people coming out n doing it..n how much its impacting people n how.its really saving lifes its letting people knw u r really not alone!! Ive been telling myself for a while now im gnna speak up but i dnt i knw doing so.will make me feel alot better inside n at piece with myself...i been scared for many yrs.for all the wrong reasons...n god.put this wonderful person in my life that even though i hvnt met in person shes already changed my.life, @mayimbaproject ...people dnt knw this about me ive suffered from depression ive had the suicidal toughts ive kept a.secret for so.long n everyday it eats me up inside...im not.gnna go.into detail this is already hard enough...but this is my story when i was around 7 or 8 i was molested by 2different family memebers without them knowing of each other it happend for a while if it wasnt one it was the other one...n i was sooooo scared to say nething it stopped eventually...this where people my parents knew n loved n trusted...idk till this day idk why me?? Why would somebody wanna hurt somebody so.innocent? They would tell me it was ok i knew it wasnt but i was scared n i didnt knw.how to.stop it, i didnt tell.my.mom until i was 16 but by then it was tooo late, at least thats what i tought she didnt do anything, instead she said dnt say nething..i guess she feared what i feared the whole fam would get all fuckd up over it...but at this point i dnt gve a fuck!! Im not willing to gve out names but at least now they knw i said something...its hard its very hard it messes u up in the head specially when u dnt talk to someone about it, it affects my life sometimes, my relationships..ive never told people like this only very few people.knw.n when i met marial i promised her i was gnna try n speak.up well this.is progress for.me:) progress is progress right? At 16 i met my bby ddy who.i was with for 7yrs on n off n he put me through hell n bck...he abused me.physically mentally emotionally, until i left him..i mean he would spit at me throw anything at me...just allll bad n its like coming from a fuckd up child hood to falling madly in love with someone that hurt me too...my only toughts where why the fuck r u still even.here?? My daughter? My biggest blessing n gods.way of letting me.knw.i.should still b here...why? Bcuse.my daughter needs.her.mother.n.she needs.me here to protect her from son of bitches like the ones that hurt me...im not always gnna b there but as long as im alive i will make sure my daughter is never a victum!! I support the.mayimba project 100% i want people to knw they r not alone shit like this happens, it could happen to any body it could happen to ur child but if we speak up together can save a life or amillion...people need to.stop being scared n SPEAK UP!!

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